How to Prepare for Downtown Los Angeles Colonic

Included in our preparation guidelines are –

  • AVOID sugar and processed carbohydrates (i.e. bread, pasta, noodles, cereal etc) for as long as possible leading up to your appointment. Sugar and processed carbohydrates have a “pro-inflammatory” effect on the body as well as feed pathogenic yeast and bacteria (both of which leads to excess gas creation).
  • We recommend that you AVOID flesh foods for as many days as possible leading up to your session. Fish and eggs would generally be your best choice of animal protein because they tend to digest easier and more completely.
  • Similarly we recommend to AVOID dairy leading up to your session – simply dairy is difficult to digest and often causes lymphatic congestion which again leads to stagnation and bloating.
  • INCLUDE lots of green salads, steamed vegetables, whole non-glutinous grains, sweet potatoes and other vegetarian options for as long as possible leading up to your appointment.
  • Focus on being fully HYDRATED by the day of your appointment. The best way to hydrate is to drink vegetable juices in the days leading up to your session.  The next best option is to obtain bottled alkaline water or drink water with plenty of freshly squeezed lemon in it. A 3rdoption is to add a pinch or two of unrefined salt (i.e Celtic / Himalayan pink salt flakes) to each glass of water to alkalize it and thus improve absorption.
  • Juices containing two or more of the following would be ideal; carrot, celery, kale, spinach, cucumber or beetroot.
  • Please emphasize vegetables over fruit when juicing (vegetables should account for at least 80% of the volume). If including fruits, lemons are fine and a small amount of sour fruits like green apples or grapefruit etc. Sweet fruits feed yeast so for most people we avoid / limit these during a cleanse.
  • Please avoid foods / drinks that make you gassy particularly the day of your session and the day before. i.e canned foods, soft drinks, sweets, junk food etc.
  • Please EAT LIGHTLY on the day of your appointment. Ideally eat nothing for at least 2-4 hours leading up to your appointment. This will reduce the likelihood of gassiness during the treatment.  You may drink water with fresh lemon juice, fresh vegetable juice or herbal tea. If you eat fruit the day of your appointment please be sure to eat it on its own in the absence of any other kind of food as consuming with other foods leads to fermentation (gas creation).